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Made To Love Her (Maggie & Vince, #3)

This will be final book featuring Vince and Maggie as principal characters.

Here are the details!

RELEASE DATE: Monday, February 15, 2016
Mark your calendars!
It may take longer on some stores. I’ll keep you updated.

Will Maggie and Vince make it to the altar with their sanity still intact?

Maggie and Vince have gone through some crazy times during their relationship, well now read where the road to discovery and learning to love each other leads to.

In the beginning… (while writing He’s So Good: Robert & Carter )

It always sucks.

I’m writing… He’s So Good (Robert & Carter) and if you’ve been around for a while, when I used to blog more, then you know writing the beginning of the story is the most torturous part.
I feel discombobulated. Nothing is going right in or out of the world of the story I’m telling. I feel like I’m never going to get going–I’m never going to finish. And what I’ve already written sounds okay but I’m pretty sure it’s how I want to start. I’m playing off the first paragraph of “He’s So Bad: A San Francisco Love Story.”
It starts like this:  She moans, and it makes me harder.
Here’s what I feel…
I feel “He’s So Bad: A San Francisco Love Story” is the best book in the LOVE in the USA series as a whole. I loved writing all the books but there was something about “He’s So Bad” that made me feel as if I was constructing a masterpiece out of Robert Tango–a fully alive and complex human being, captured in fiction. So if you haven’t read the book, grab it. I’m thinking about promoting it soon. But first, I have to find my way out of the start of the book blues. And, in addition to “He’s So Good,” written by me, I’m writing “The Sexy Artist – Fixation” with T.R.
At first I thought I needed a hug but I think I need to dig deep and find some extra tenacity.
Here’s another reason why I have to dig deep. It’s cold as heck in this house and it’s on propane. Well… propane in Southern California is upwards of $3.50 a gallon! Rip offs!!! So, we’ve been keeping the thermostat set to like 65 degrees max. I know that’s wimpy to a lot of you in other parts of the country but cut me a little slack–I grew up in the Sunshine state! LOL! 😉
Also, we were supposed to run a mega promo on The Sexy Boss – Sedition today but it fell through because of Amazon. I think that’s really irking me the most. I really want this series to get off the ground. It’s good. It’s different for me. I like it.
Now that that’s all out, maybe I can grab something to eat and get back to work. I. must. move. forward. One word at a time. One sentence at a time. One paragraph at a time. One chapter at a time.
And so, happy writing to me and happy reading to  you–or if you’re a writer then happy writing to you :-)
Oh, and keep your eyes peeled open for “Made To Love Her” the final book featuring Maggie & Vince. By now it’s solidified–they’ve been together long enough to make it legal in the eyes of humans, and through enough to know they want spend the rest of their lives together. I think when you’re done reading this story, you’re going to feel that whatever life throws at this couple, they’re going to stay together, and it took There’s Something About Her, Still In Love With Her, Made To Like Her and Made To Love Her to make it work between these two independent, ambitious and contemporary people. :-)
Also Robert, Carter and Monroe have nice roles in Made To Love Her. If you want a fuller look of what happened before “He’s So Good” starts, then make sure you read Made To Love Her. 😉
Okay… back to the drawing board. I’m starting to feel separation anxiety and my computer is at 50% battery life.
Until next the time…
Much love and lots of peace,


Hot New Release!


The Sexy Professor


Z.L. Arkadie & T.R. Bertrand

Get your copy today!


The Sexy Professor – Redemption

eBook Price: $2.99

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Every wide-eyed, ddd female, and of course some male, students on campus wanted a piece of Professor Derek Valentine. 

His enigmatic charm and sexy face are inescapable. 

But I’m a realist. Not in a million years would a man like that have any interest in me.

At least that’s what I thought. Until one day heartache would put us together and through our pain we would find our bliss. 

A Look Inside January’s New Release!

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Keep your eyes peeled open for The Sexy Professor – Redemption!

Mark your calendars. The release date is January 31, 2016

And here’s an excerpt:

The Sexy Professor – Redemption

Since Calypso Café is pretty far from campus, not many students hang out here, so finding a place to sit is easy. Today there’re far fewer patrons than usual. It might have something to do with the weather. The rain has started to pick up too.

The bells on the door ring when I walk in. The sound catches Gina’s attention.

“Well, look who the cat dragged in,” she says from behind the counter, grinning.

“Hi!” I sing. My heart feels genuinely warmed by the sight of her face.

Her boss, Randy, narrows his eyes at me as if it’s my fault he’s pissed at Gina. “Your break is fifteen minutes—not sixteen,” he says, shaking his finger at her.

She rolls her eyes dismissively. “Have a seat, Nom. I’ll be there in a sec.”

Gina is the only person who calls me Nom. I give her a thumbs-up and walk down the aisle to find a table. I pass the booth Elena and I used to like to sit in and opt for the booth near the far left corner of the café, close to the street entrance. We used to hate sitting on this side of the room because it’s so distracting with everyone coming in and out of the rear door, but I don’t have to worry today since most people decided to stay home and out of the thunderstorm.

Gina wears the same welcoming smile as she struts toward my table while tapping her watch. “So how long has it been since I’ve seen you? A decade?”

I snort facetiously. “More like two weeks.”

She stands over me. “You could’ve answered my calls and texts.”

I turn down the corners of my mouth. “I know—sorry. I was just in such a bad way that I didn’t want to talk to anyone. Not even the people I love who are still breathing and walking the earth.”

After a moment, she sighs and slides into the seat across from me. “You look miserable.”

I spread my hands over my face. “I’m going to drop my classes,” I say in a rush.

I peep at Gina through the spaces between my fingers to gauge her reaction.

Her back is against the seat as if she’s been blown away by what I said. “Wow, well…” She sighs. “That’s pretty gangster of you. Have you broken the news to Dick Sutters?” She’s referring to my father.

I shake my leg nervously and gnaw on my bottom lip as I stare at the wood pattern of the table. “No.”

“He’s going to blow a major gasket, being that he’s been footing the bills for your law school experience.”

“I know,” I groan.

She’s quiet, so I look up.

Gina is watching me with narrowed eyes. “Why are you quitting anyway?”

I shrug. “I’m just not into it anymore.”

“This doesn’t have anything to do with Elena, does it?”

I twist my mouth dubiously.

“It’s not your fault, Nom.”

I pick nervously at a scratch on the table. “But I’m the one who left her.”

Gina rolls her eyes. “Oh fucking goodness. I don’t mean to speak ill of the dead, but Elena was a big girl who made her own choices—good or bad. Everyone knew that but you.” Her eyes widen as she looks past me. “OMG, it’s sex on a stick.”

I frown curiously and then turn to see who she’s referring to. I gasp and quickly turn back around. “It’s Professor Valentine.”


I lean forward to whisper, “He just offered to help me get back on track.”

She looks taken aback. “What do you mean back on track?”

“He offered to tutor me, personally.” That sounded more salacious than what I meant.

Gina’s eyes and mouth expand. “Oh shit, Nom, he wants to fuck you.”

I balk. “Huh? No, he doesn’t.”

“Oh yes, he does.” Gina’s smile stretches wider, and she waves. “Hey, Professor Valentine!”

I chastise her with my eyes.

“How are you, Gina!” He sounds cheery.

“Here he comes,” she says through her painted-on smile and without moving her lips.

I put my hands over my face and slouch in my seat. What if Gina’s right?

End of Excerpt

TheSexyPrefessor_200x300You can now Pre-Order
The Sexy Professor – Redemption on iBooks and Google Play

Release Date: January 31, 2016
3 more days to wait!

Happy New Year and Publishing Plans for 2016!


First, and this comes very late, but I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Both days for me were FANTASTIC! :-)

I try to make this sort of post every year. And let me tell you, there’s some much on my mind and so much on my plate that my thoughts are jumbled. I’m still trying to figure out where to start.

I think I want to start off explaining the LOVE in the USA series. There has been one thought that has been on my mind all year. If you’re a fan of this series or was a fan of this series, then I think you’ll find this part very informing.

I don’t like reading romance. And I don’t write it either. I write about life and the various elements that occur in it, romance being one of them. The other elements are career, family and friends.

Now I’m guessing that many of you read my books because of my ability to write a tight and engaging story. I guarantee you that didn’t happen over night. It’s my style and that will never change but as I evolve and grow my stories do and will change. So if you want to get an idea of how “Made To Love Her: Maggie & Vince, 3” is going, then make sure you read “He’s So Bad: A San Francisco Love Story.” This book can be read as a standalone. I’m writing the second and final part of the book after finishing Made to Love Her, which is He’s So Good (Robert & Carter), which can be pre-ordered on iBooks. So what I’ve done is greatly decreased the graphic sex and strong language but increased the story elements and plot twists.

So basically, I’m writing at another level! And a few things happened in my life to make that so. So again, if you want to get an idea of how the LOVE in the USA series is going from here on out, then make sure you read He’s So Bad: A San Francisco Love Story. Links below:

Google Play

This leads me to The Sexy Series.

The Sexy Boss – Sedition is the first book in this series, and I’m writing this series with a partner, T.R. Bertrand. There are elements in this story that are traditional romance–like the traditional/conventional HEA. Just because “Sexy” is in the title doesn’t mean that it’s all sex, sex, sex! Actually the sex is limited and we’re really focusing on a mystery that has to be solved while bringing two people together in a romantic relationship. Also, their stories are about life, and growth and the next step. These are feel good books. The LOVE in the USA books are edgier and hyper-contemporary. The Sexy Series are more traditional but also contemporary.

Okay and now to the up and coming new releases:

Sometime before 1/31/2016, The Sexy Boss – Sedition will be re-released into one stand-alone novel with a HEA. We’ve added a third part to the book, giving it an HEA that traditional romance readers will find more satisfying. But also, we added a character to this story that will be the lead of a future book, Detective Molina (he’s also in Sexy Professor- Redemption) so reading the third part of this story is a good way to get to know him before he becomes the The Sexy Detective :-).

We’ve also given The Sexy Boss – Sedition a new cover! (See right below this.) I’ll let you know when you can purchase the complete book, which will contain the third part of the story.

TheSexyBoss 200x300











Are you still with me?

Just checking because I’m almost done. 😉

So, as I said, T.R. and I do have a new release on 1/31/2016, The Sexy Professor – Redemption. You can now pre-order it on iBooks. Click or top the image below to Pre-Order your copy before 1/31/2016.

The Sexy Professor – Redemption









On 2/15/2016, Made To Love Her (Maggie & Vince, #3) is scheduled to be released. This is the final book in the Maggie & Vince series. I’m writing it now and I must say that I love where it’s going. :-) You can also Pre-Order this book exclusively on iBooks. I usually set up pre-orders on iBooks because they make it easy and they make very few mistakes on release day.

He’s So Good (Robert & Carter) is scheduled to be released on 3/31/2015. I’ll see how that goes. The thing is I’ll be writing The Sexy Chef with my partner. I’m going to work like crazy to make that release date and Robert & Carter are also in Made To Love Her, although the story doesn’t focus on their relationship. But you can Pre-Order this book on iBooks as well.

Finally, I have Say You Love Me (Charlie & Angel) scheduled to be released on May 31, 2016. I’ll keep you updated of any changes.

I will work like the Dickens to release the final Daisy & Belmont story, currently titled Adore Her, More of Her. We get to know more about Belmont in Made To Love Her, as Maggie goes to him for help. I’m still planning Adore Her, More of Her in my head.

Okay, I think I said enough. In conclusion there will be more books this year. As I said, the LOVE in the USA will be written differently from here on out. It won’t take so long to wrap up the individual stories. Basically, If I write a book starting certain characters, I stick with them until I finish their story. He’s So Bad & He’s So Good are examples of how things will be.

Also, I’m thinking about writing She’s So Bad & She’s So Good starring Monroe Blanco before the end of the year. I’ll see… When it comes to the LOVE in the USA, I write faster because I L.O.V.E writing those stories.  So again, I’ll see, and will keep you posted.

Oh, and also, stay tuned for The Sexy Chef and The Sexy Artist, both will star characters from the first two books of The Sexy Series. Hopefully we’ll get to The Sexy Detective by the end of the year. The lead character is in The Sexy Boss and The Sexy Professor. I like pulling characters from existing series because they’re always easier to write being the I already know their backstory.

Okay, and now, I shall wrap this up by saying, THANK YOU SO MUCH, for sticking with me thus far. I truly appreciate it. I hope we can continue this journey together.

And since it’s time for me to say it in an elaborate fashion…

Happy New Year Cheers

Have a FANTASTIC 2016! 

Be Happy!

Be Healthy!

Live in the moment!

Make sure your heart is in LOVE!



All best,
Z.L. Arkadie


A Big THANKS To All! ARC Group

A big THANKS to all who signed up for the ARC group. I was very pleased by the response. I will be sending out a formal email to everyone later today–I have to get a whole lot of writing done today (Made To Love Her + T.R. and I are working on the third and final part of Sexy Boss – Sedition).

So once again, I would like to say THANK YOU for signing up. I’m excited about the process! You’ll receive the first book, The Sexy Professor – Redemption, in mid January, two to three weeks before the January 31, 2016 release date! I will send you the exact date once it’s confirmed.

Until later!


Tomorrow–The BIG Day!

Get ready because tomorrow’s the release day for “Forget Me Never (Pt. 2): The Search For Time”–YAY!!!

Also… To commemorate the release of Pt. 2, “Forget Me Never (Pt. 1): The Search For A Vampire” is only 99¢ until December 14th.

I will also like to thank those that have waited patiently for this release. I truly, truly, THOROUGHLY appreciate it.

Will there be more books in the Parched series?

The answer is at the end of Forget Me Never (Pt. 2)! 😉


Tomorrow approaches… And when it arrives… Happy reading my friends…

All best,



Passion. Love. Romance… A Little danger and a Lot of sex.