I’m Still Around…

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a post that’s not quite about writing. So I thought, let me return to my roots for a moment. When I first started blogging, I had zero published books. So I mainly used to write about my hectic and confused life. Well… Many years later and that has changed–a lot!

I have returned to my roots–the desert. I’ve been living here since the end of May.  Once a California desert rat, always a California desert rat. But I drive up to LA every now and then for…. this or that.  I’ve been writing like CRAZY. But that’s my fault. I got caught in the world of endless story. I’ve learned the power of writing a short series, no more than three books, and  (swipes hands) move on to the next. So now I’m under pressure to wrap up the stories of Daisy & Belmont, Maggie & Vince, that one for Charlie & Angel and Robert & Carter. That’s 4 more books I have to write for the initial stories of the LOVE in the USA series. Afterwards, I’m writing the stories differently. You’ll see! :-)

But enough about work.

In real life, I’ve discovered that romance heroes only exist in prose… LOL! Like, I get it. I’m trying to understand why that is. I mean, is it simply that we are only human. I remember reading a saying that goes something like this, “unfortunately there is no cure for being human.” Our condition runs deep and a series of bad experiences during childhood can send us spiraling out of control and into the depths of a condition that takes tons of counseling and doing the hard work to recover from. And so, I think that’s the closest we get to a romance hero or heroine–a person who constantly works on their “shit.”  I do that. And I think that’s why I fell for the man that I’m dating in the first place. The night we met, we talked for hours. It was refreshing to meet someone who lived beyond the clouds. That was nine months ago, and we’re still making a go at it. It’s tough–TOUGH.  Dealing with your issues  is not easy. But as long as I understand, and he does too, that we’re both dealing with human beings, who bring their history into a relationship, then we should be okay, or at least HAPPILY remain lovers or friends, or friends and lovers for a long, long, long time.


We shall see…

So back to work… LOL!

I’m struggling to get through Forget Me Never (Pt. II). I’m writing another book with a writing partner. We had to reconstruct the entire middle because it fell flat story-wise. And since paranormal romance about ADULT characters, high fantasy elements and a lot of sex doesn’t do too well in the current market, Parched doesn’t make me much money. So in essence, I’m writing the series for those who are into it. I know of a few successful indies who abandoned their paranormal series after it stopped paying and now they’re making tons of cash writing contemporary/erotic romance, starring twenty-two year old girls, who men fall in love with because they’re beautiful and the men, usually twenty-eight but with maturity well above his years is some kind of karma sutra of sex–only, the way he’s doing it, gives none of the reactions the 21 year old heroine is displaying. And if one has had a lot sex during your twenties and way better sex in y our 30’s with skilled lovers, she, the reader, would know this.   Well, I didn’t do that. So please… bare with me because after all, I have to make a living at this. But I will NEVER write 21-23 year old heroines who falls for  a guy because he’s hot and dominating, and he wants her because she beautiful, and needs a daddy–and they live happily ever after on that.  That’s why LOVE in the USA goes through the changes that pisses off the average romance reader. But never fear–The Sexy series will be here soon. It’s more to the liking to the connoisseurs of tradition romance elements. No chicks with daddy issues! No incorrect depicting of asshole alpha males–because in real life they’re DICKS and Jack-asses that no one likes–only the woman he’s bought with all the money he needs to make himself feel secure. And no babies for the sake of painting a picture of happily ever after!! I refuse to do that to children in my books. I will not objectify them. As a society we need to STOP that.


So I’m going to drop the price of Forget Me Never Pt. 2  to 99¢ and the book will be between 100-130 pages. It will be jam-packed with action and emotional tie-ups. It’ll be short but GOOD. 😉

And so, I must get to work.  Maybe I’ll start doing more “brain fart” blogging in the ensuing days. My days are generally filled with writing and letting my BF (kind of BF–I’m not secure in the relationship enough to believe in it–my issues. His issues… Hard work.) rip me away from the computer so that I can enjoy life some… I love that about him.

Love, Peace and above all Happiness…


The Journey to Rediscover the Artist

So I’m playing back yesterday’s episode of Oprah with James Frey. Definitely an interesting discussion between the m both and as a fellow writer I can understand how one decision sparked by pressure from the powers that be, spiraled out of control and the dung came flowing down on top of his head. I still think it’s unfair that not one of them (the powers to be) came out and said, “yeah, he queried it as fiction but WE thought, hey, it’s so gritty, we can make more $ selling it as a memoir.”

Yeah–right–and then I woke up and remembered I don’t live on Mars.

However, that’s not what this post is about. It’s about something he said. The reason why he wrote the “novel” and the process of writing it.

He was so moved after reading Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller that he wanted to write a book just like it. And so he wrote A Million Little Pieces without mechanics, structure or grammar in mind. It was raw, gritty–a Picasso.

And that’s when it hit me like Bam. No… like–BING BAM BAM WAAAM.

I have been such a structuralist for the last six years, while learning structure that I forgot the art of writing. It’s been so long since my heart connected with the tapping of my fingers. I’m always thinking while writing. Building. Constructing. Arranging.

I think at some point we as writers have to LEARN structure and then put it in the back of our minds. In the index mind you. Yet when we sit down before the blank page, we must put the artist in the forefront of our minds. We are artists. I am an artist.

It’s so interesting because if you’ve been reading you know that I’m writing a vampire novel right now. And it’s working out fine. I’m writing it in the first person. I’ve never written anything in the first person but I really need to learn how to merge into my work, become part of it and not stand on the outskirts, telling the reader what’s happening.

And if you remember, I decided to take a step and write as a Mary Sue.

Well, grouping all of my decisions together, one thing is revealed–I have been simply trying to chisel away at the structure I built within myself and carve out a more studied artist–the final stage. And it’s been HARD. I’m actually going to post the beginning of a novel I wrote 6 years ago. It’s so artistic, so in the moment–the heart of the character on display. But the story needed structure.

I’m going back to that kind of writing from this moment on and let the structuralist think only to give the artist a word of guidance! It’s like mental teamwork!  The binaries working together!

I love it! (says the artist)

By the way–I’m well aware that the artist has written all of my blog posts… she needs to start writing all of my novels now!

Audio Edition of Find Her, Keep Her for $1.99

Just a quick FYI before I get back to writing one of the many books I plan to release before the end of the year!

By December 31st smoke will be snaking out of my ears but you will have Forget Me Never Pt. II, Made To Love Her, He’s So Good and at least two books in a surprise series that I’m working on with a co-writer to read! The good news is that I’m excited about all the books that I’m writing! And I probably won’t slow down until the end of 2016! I want to write a few books in the LOVE in the USA series featuring Monroe and that cutie from Know Her, Lover Her–Dexter Frampton. Ohhh…. I can’t wait to get my hands on him! LOL! Picture that doctor from Grey’s Anatomy–Jackson Avery… That’s who I pictured when I wrote Dexter Frampton. Yummy, right???? 😉

So as I bring Daisy, Maggie, Charlie and Robert’s stories to a close, I’m opening up new stories! Regarding Parched, I have some ideas… While writing Forget Me Never Pt. II a new idea came to me! That means I MIGHT, more than likely, will be writing 7 more books in this series BUT please don’t rush me… The brain power and time needed to write the Parched novels are unmatched by any other series that I’m writing so I will announced them in due time.

And now the reason for this post.

Good news!

I just noticed that if you purchased a copy of “Find Her, Keep Her: A Martha’s Vineyard Love Story,” then you can get the audio edition on amazon.com for $1.99! It’s regularly $17.95. That’s a lot of savings! The good news is that the Kindle version of Find Her, Keep Her is free! Do the math and think about how great this deal is! I’m not sure how long it’s going to last! Amazon.com is quite unpredictable. Once they start seeing a bunch of buys at $1.99 they might jack up the price. (Shrug) Who knows! But Cate Strey is an EXCELLENT narrator! And it’s the original version so there’s lots of sex, which lots of people have when they first meet–that’s lots of sex…


I have to rush to eat dinner NOW. I’m starving :-) The link is below!

Audio Edition – Find Her, Keep Her: A Martha’s Vineyard Love Story

Next Planned LOVE in the USA release(s)

Now that many of you have read He’s So Bad: A San Francisco Love Story, I can share my plans for the next two book releases in the LOVE in the USA series.

Well, you’ve all met Robert Tango’s new love interest. I can confirm that fate has certainly put them together and they are brave enough to wait for Fate to finish her work. You’ll see more of the two of them together in Made To Love Her (Maggie & Vince). If you read He’s So Bad, then you know why. But I will also release another book along with Made To Love Her titled “He’s So Good.” It will be the ONLY breakout book in the Robert Tango series so I have some serious plans for that story and I can’t wait to start crafting the stories!

If you’ve finished He’s So Bad: A San Francisco Love Story, then you probably feel that Robert Tango has done his work :-) At least I feel that way! Anyway, I’ll leave it at that. I don’t want to give away his future.

Alright. Time to get to work. :-) I just thought it was important to share those details.

Questions??? If you have any, leave them in the comment section and I get to them as fast as I can.


Have a fantastic day!

All best,

He’s So Bad: A San Francisco Love Story Released!

I’ll make this quick!

He’s So Bad: A San Francisco LOVE Story is now available at the retailers listed below. Nook is having some problems at the moment but once they get it together, I’ll make an updated post. So if you see another post  from me, just ignore it. :-)

And so without further ado. Click on the link to your regular retailer below!


He’s So Bad: A San Francisco Love Story (LOVE in the USA, Book 8)

A major life decision sends Robert Tango to San Francisco. Will this self-proclaimed bad boy finally find the one true love he hasn’t been looking for?

Google Play

He’s So Bad…Coming Sooner Than You Think!

He’s So Bad: A San Francisco Love Story, the 8th book in the LOVE in the USA series will be released sooner than you know it. The manuscript has cleared editing  and proofing, and now it’s ready for release.

Here’s the deal. I’m giving the stores in which I set-up pre-orders time to approve the final draft. Remember the fiasco on iBooks with Made To Like Her???? I don’t want any repeats.

I’m pretty happy with this story about Robert Tango. We all know Robert as a pretty conflicted kind of character. In all the previous books we have never known him as a man that’s ready for true love. And you know me as a writer who doesn’t force it.

So… I am inviting you to read the most significant transformation in this man’s life–and I think the best character transformation in the LOVE in the USA series.

Here’s a taste of what’s to come!

This excerpt contains strong language and adult situations.


He’s So Bad

A San Francisco Love Story

Chapter 1

What Shame

Five Months Ago…

She moans, and it makes me harder. We’re in the supply closet in my New York office, flanked by ballpoint pens, legal pads, staplers, and shit like that. Her stomach is pressed against my drafting table. The edge of a blueprint that I’ve been working on catches my eye. Drafting is a hobby of mine. When I have nothing to do, which is often, I walk into an old building, imagine how I would rebuild it, then return to this room and sketch my recreation.

“Shush,” I whisper to the girl. I don’t know her name, but this is the third time I’ve asked her to keep quiet.

I fuck her type often. She thinks making noises will make me come faster, and that’s what she wants. She isn’t enjoying the pounding I’m giving her. The way I’m fucking her isn’t meant for her enjoyment. It’s meant for mine.

She and I have been flirting for a while. She works on the twenty-second floor. Whenever I come to the New York office, we end up riding the elevator together at least three times a week. This morning I broke from the norm and asked if she wanted to see where I worked. She raised an eyebrow and let the door close on the twenty-second floor. The elevator opened on the twenty-third floor, and she followed me out of it. Only a few people were sitting at their desks but not for long. Like everyone else, they were on their way to the large conference room for today’s company-wide meeting.

Once in my office, she strutted around my desk, touching shit. “No pictures?”

I was dazed by how her long hair grazed the small of her back. Just beneath was one gorgeous ass just begging to be handled.

“I prefer real life,” I said.

She grinned impishly. I had impressed her with my bullshit. The truth is I have nobody to put in a picture frame. My father’s dead, and my mom abandoned me for her new husband and the children they have together.

She sat on the edge of my desk and crossed her legs, hiking up her hip. “But a picture’s worth a thousand words.”

The long muscle that ran up her thigh made my pants tight. I smirked. “How about I show you my favorite part?”

Her eyebrows crumpled. “Favorite part of what?”

“My office.”

“Is it this?” She spread her hand over the top of my desk as she batted her eyelashes at me.

I was the spider that had just captured the fly. I nodded toward the supply closet. “It’s in there.”

I observed the look in her eye as she calculated the risk, wondering if I was the type who would fuck her and forget her. I grinned to sway her thoughts in my favor.

“You have a Jacuzzi in there?” she asked.

I walked boldly to the closet and opened the door. “You want to come and see?”

She hesitated but chose to enter. She stopped in front of my drafting table and turned to face me.

I got close enough to feel her quick breaths against my chin. “Do you know how long I’ve been wanting to kiss you?” That line never failed me.

Her lips parted. “How long?”

“This long.” I pulled her soft body against me.

I kissed her gently at first. She stared into my eyes. I’d seen that look a million times. She was searching for the promise of dinner tonight and our first stroll as a couple in Central Park this weekend. My expression gave her no answers or false illusions. I wanted to fuck. Apparently she did too because she kissed me back. My dick got harder. She unzipped my pants. I lifted her skirt.

And now my heavy-lidded gaze is pinned to her round ass as I watch my dick shift in and out of her like a locomotive. The sight adds fuel to my fire, and I bang her harder.

“Shit,” I mutter. Not because my dick feels good but because she’s too inexperienced to know how to chase an orgasm and get the most out of my engorged cock.

I lift her hips about a half inch and aim for the right spots to help her out. She makes a new sound, nothing like the fake squealing noise porn actresses make. I’ll be damned if I let her leave this room not knowing that she just experienced the fuck of her life.

Since I’ve made this morning diversion worth it for her, I can let myself blow. I toss my head back. My balls tighten. Blood rushes to my dick. Then I hear…

What’s Coming Soon!

Greetings All!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post. Well… I’ve been working like crazy to finish He’s So Bad: A San Francisco Love Story while dating a great guy, who makes sure that I add some life/fun balance in my life. So, I skidded to the end of my June 26th deadline for He’s So Bad  and it’s now with the editor. I was still mentally exhausted when I made it to the end but it could’ve been worse if it weren’t for him. :-)

I like the story. I’ve written what the story required. Robert had to arc, meaning he had to evolve, and YOU, the reader, has to believe he’s changed. And the elements that made him change needed to be credible. I believe I accomplished that in this book. :-)

I won’t give away the ending but we’ll see Robert again in Made to Love Her: Maggie & Vince, #3. Btw, after 3 books in each of the couple’s series, I will bring their romance to an HEA ending. So these books will never go past a third book.  There may be less than three books but never a fourth. This brings me to my next update.

You’ve asked and I will write another Daisy & Belmont story. It will be titled, Found Him, Kept Him: Daisy & Belmont, book 3. There will only be the one breakout book in the Charlie & Angel series–Say You Love Me. And there will be only one breakout book in the Robert Tango series: He’s So Bad. The next book will be He’s So Good.

But there are WAY more books to come in the LOVE in the USA series. I have all sorts of love stories to write–Portland, Boston, DC, back to Manhattan, back to LA, and on and on :-).

Other news… I will be going live with a new website in September or October. I’ll keep you updated. It’s time…

And… After July 10th, I’ll start on Forget Me Never (Pt. II).

That’s it for now :-)

Time to make dinner.

Until next time!

“Clean Version” of Find Her, Keep Her Available…

I really believe in Daisy & Belmont’s love story. However, many people can’t seem to feel the love in their whirlwind romance because of their strong sexual connection. And it is for that reason that I have released a “Clean Version” of Find Her, Keep Her: A Martha’s Vineyard Love Story.

This version IS NOT sweet and wholesome. However, sex scenes are less frequent and not as graphic. I also wanted to make it very clear in this version that Daisy and Belmont are aware that their love affair isn’t “normal” but they’re taking a chance and going with it. No Fear.

Anyway… For those who have a hard time finding the truth of Daisy and Belmont’s instant chemistry and fateful love past the sex, I hope the cleaner version helps. There’s still sex in the book but the scenes don’t mirror real-life. The other books in the series have less scenes but they do mirror real-life so some may find them graphic. Since there are less scenes it’s easier to read over them.


Got to get back to writing this DIFFICULT book. He’s So Bad isn’t easy. Sigh….

Anyway, if you read the original version of Find Her, Keep Her and  you want to check out the “Clean” or cleaner version then you can now download it free on iTunes and Google Play. It’ll be on Amazon soon and Nook soon.

Much Love,Z

Good News! “Made To Like Her” Is Now Available At All Stores!

And when I say all stores, Made To Like Her (Maggie & Vince, #2) LOVE in the USA, Book 7 is even available on iBooks! Those who pre-ordered should have already received the buy option! :-)

So without further delay and too much commentary from mwah for your convenience here are the links!

UPDATE at 8:33 p.m. PDT: Made To Like Her (Maggie & Vince, #2) can now be purchased at the iBooks store! Yay!!!! Thanks again for your patience, I truly appreciate it.

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